I haven’t been very active, and I will change that. Tasi, before you post bios do you mind if I read them? Thanks babe. I MISS YOU GUYS!


Finishing up the second half of bios! 

They should all be up by Friday!! Then the revamp can officially begin, I will be reopening roles and will expect activity to be up to proper levels after Easter! Thank you for your patience! If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask me! :-)

-Admin Tasi


I’m going to start writing some up! I just want to know, for those characters already taken.. Is there anything you want specifically included in your biography?! Let me know and I will be sure to write it in for you!! 

~ Tasi

Those that have informed me of staying:  

Tasi (Dianna)

Em (Max)

Amelia ( Formerly Chord, now Lea Michele)

Simay ( Naya)

Ariella (Heather) 


Michelle ( Mark)

Please send me a message if you’re staying!

- Tasi

Hello Cherubs.  

I am the other half of the admin team, Tasi. I love playing Dianna in this roleplay! Em and I are going to begin working on plots and new biographies this week! So stay tuned!! Any questions message us here or at Dianna Agron or Max Adler. ~ Tasi

Hello Beautiful People! 

I’m one half of the new admin team, I’m Em and play Max. We will be going through a complete revamp soon, but we would love to keep all of you around. Please send us a message if you are still active so we won’t reopen your role.


It is with deepest sorrow to say that we are going to have to close this RP. All of you are wonderful RPers and we hate to have to close, but do to both of our schedules we are unable to give this page the time that is needed. It has been a pleasure RPing with your characters and getting to know all of you OOC. I (admin L) would love to keep in contact with all of you if possible.

Once again our apologizes for having to close.

With Love, 

Admin L and Admin A

hello everyone! 

I would like to apologize for the lack of activity from the main page. I am going to go through now and update the page and the characters. 

Admin- L

Anonim asked:
it says Cory is open,but you have him on the masterlist..

He is not open! Sorry about that! 

Important Admin message! 

Hey everyone!

On Saturday March 2nd I will be going out of town for 2 weeks! This means I will not be on at all during that time. I just wanted to say that I do plan on coming back to all of you! I plan on posting something on my account about being gone as well. Also, with me being gone this means that our wonderful Admin!A will be all alone to handle the Main account. Please be patient with her when it comes to answering messages and auditions because she can’t be on 24/7. I hope I don’t miss too much important stuff while I’m gone!

See you in 2 weeks!